Hotel is like a Theatre...

hotel is like a theatre! It is time for original, vibrant, magical and enlightened visionaries. One of the most exciting parts of our job is to treat some areas of the hotel as a stage. If you love theatre and its most spectacular angles... let the show begin!

The secret of our lifestyle in the near future is illustrated by the trend site you are visiting. The atmosphere depends not only on the area we are working on but also on which ways we can transform it. No wonder the most passionate aspect of our mission is to welcome people in our space and make sure they feel good in it. The interior design's goal is to create a setting for the life we want to live. It should make us feel better; it's the interior design that creates it.

As it is in theatre, light is the key that can modify the atmosphere more than any other component. The choice of furnishing is just as important because of the imprinting they leave on the space. There is a fine line between perfection and banality; our hotels rely on dimensions and proportions. We love to mix humble and luxurious elements in order to create an environment that escapes classification. A good design is not only a matter of colours, floors or accessories. Our mission? Our creative office works on the projects from the beginning, striking the right balance between space and functionality with the purpose of creating areas that are both comfortable and balanced.

Designer: Alvin Grassi