Beautiful, cultured and elegant, the city of Saints, emperors and writers.
This is Ravenna, the second largest city in Italy by extension and has been the capital of three empires three times: of the Western Roman Empire, of Theodoric King of the Goths, of the Byzantine Empire in Europe.
This charming city just a few kilometers from the sea, boasts 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many small hidden treasures, from yesterday and today.
An example? Right at the end of via Pasolini, a few steps from our entrance, you can admire a tribute to the great poet made in 2016 by the Brazilian street artist Kobra who boasts prestigious works in the cities of Miami , Tokyo and Chicago. A decidedly contemporary work, which over the years has become an obligatory destination for tourists and citizens.

In this section you can find all the Ravenna events starting from March 2021

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LE VIE DI DANTE, new for 2021

Lonely Planet has also drawn up the ranking of the Best in Travel 2021 world award for 2021, which crowns Ravenna as a slow and sustainable destination within the Le vie di Dante project.

Le Vie di Dante represent a historical path and an interregional project of tourist reception, between the typical features of the territory and a quality offer. A journey characterized by a slow rhythm, which retraces Dante's possible journey from Florence to Ravenna, crossing the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, between culture and nature.


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